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Joseph Plukarski

Now: Software Engineer @PayPal

Before: Freelance Blogger & Lyric Transcriber

I was Nelly's student from July 2018-October 2018 at the Northwestern Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp. At the time, I was a freelance blog writer and lyric transcriber and delivered for Postmates.

I was desperately looking for a career change. I had managed websites via WordPress before, but had no experience with coding outside of very basic HTML and CSS. When first making this transition into the world of web developing it can be very overwhelming. There are so many acronyms, libraries, frameworks, languages out there that imposter syndrome is nearly impossible to avoid. Nelly not only taught us how to code, but he taught us patience and perseverance. I saw firsthand Nelly get excited over error messages or scripts not working as expected. This helped me change my mindset from being intimidated and frustrated when things don't work as expected to being excited at opportunities to solve problems through debugging code.

I originally went to college to become a High School English Teacher. I quickly decided that I did not have a passion for teaching, but this same passion that I lacked I can clearly see in Nelly. He takes his time to get to know his students individually and what motivates them, and how they best learn. He also approaches the classroom more like getting together with a friend who is showing you something. I really appreciated everything Nelly did for us and would take another class with him 10/10 times if given the opportunity!

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Parcell Gaskins

Now: Software Development Engineering Apprentice @Amazon

Before: NFL Linebacker @St. Louis Rams

The best developer of aspiring software development engineers on the planet 🌎 His teaching style is an experience not a lecture . If I could give one word to explain Nelly it would be GENIUS……

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Ifra Aijaz

Now: Application Development Associate Manager @Accenture

Before: Graphic Designer

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself" - Galileo

Those are the words I have seen Nelly live by everyday as a teacher. He did not just do the job of teaching us coding but helped us find it within ourselves on days when most of us almost gave up. Not only a great teacher but a gem of a human being who lives for others. His passion to help others makes him one of the best teachers I have come across in my life. He has the skill to teach complex subjects in a way that not only makes it easy to understand but also gives you the confidence of tackling it on your own. I can not recommend Nelly enough and believe that whoever gets him as a teacher should consider themselves as the lucky ones. Way to go Nelly!

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Isabel Servin

Now: Software Developer @Amazon

Before: Network Admin - US Marine Corps

I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of learning Web Development from Nelly, his teaching style is not only progressive and forward-thinking, it encourages ingenuity from his students; fosters true interpersonal growth that best serves each individual he mentors by adapting his teaching style to meet the needs of those around him. Nelly's breathe of knowledge is impressive to say the very least, but it's his passion for this industry and for this students that sets him apart from anyone I have ever been blessed enough to meet! Nelly has hands down changed my hunger for growth, learning, and deep desire to pay it forward and pass off knowledge. He is the epitome of a true leader and teacher! Nelly has my highest praises and recommendations!

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Walter Thomas

Now: Software Development Engineering Apprentice @Amazon

Before: US Marine Corps

Nelly is by far the most thorough instructor on the market. He is tremendously versatile and probably has the most patience out of anyone I’ve ever dealt with so far. He has the ability to take the most complex of topics and break it down to where a toddler could understand. I can’t recommend this guy enough. 5 stars!!

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Morgan Mills

Now: UI/UX Developer @NICE CXone

Before: Cashier at a grocery store

Nelly was my instructor for a full stack development boot camp. I entered his class with minimal coding knowledge, and on the many occasions that I felt overwhelmed, discouraged and ready to quit, Nelly was by my side giving me encouragement and making sure I understood the material. Nelly is the most all-in, dedicated teacher I've ever had- he consistently went above and beyond for me. He was my tutor, my mentor and is now a lifelong friend. His passion for coding and life itself is so sincere, he truly is a bright light in this world. Thank you for everything Nelly!

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Kevin Woulfe

Now: eCommerce Manager @California Chamber of Commerce

Before: Worked at a bike store

Nelly is a fantastic teacher. He has the ability and patience to teach anyone. His enthusiasm is contagious and his drive is inspiring. At the time I met Nelly, I knew nothing about Web Development. After a very short time, he was able to give me the tools to create a foundation on which I was able to grow and build as a developer. Nelly once told me it was his calling to teach those around him. I believe he has found his path. Thank you Nelly for the energy you bring to this world.

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Justin Bruce

Now: Software Developer @Amazon

Before: Nuclear Electronic Technician - US Navy

With no experience in JS, HTML, or CSS, Nelly taught me what I needed to know to be a full-stack developer in 3 weeks. I could not recommend him enough, he taught more than just curriculum but really made us run through the process of coding and debugging while he was guiding us and having us think through the process. I only wish I had more than 3 weeks with him because there is no telling how much more I could have learned.

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Maria Nieves Mills

Now: Software Development Engineer @Amazon

Before: IT Support Technician

Nelly by far is the MVP of instructors. He’s willing to go the extra mile to figure out your learning style so that he could help you. He makes everything fun to learn and his content is clutch! Thank you for everything, Nelly! 10/10.

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Charlie Grogan

Now: Data Strategist & Technical Consultant @Baxter International

Before: Sales Consultant & Restaurant Manager

I had the pleasure of being one of Nelly’s students and the Northwestern University coding boot camp. Right from the go he always brought his smile, his patience, and knowledge to everything he did. Nelly has a dynamic personality and engaging teaching style that truly helped me develop as a developer. When I started with Nelly, I quite literally knew only what I had taught myself, which was near to nothing. Over the course of the class, post graduation, the job search grind, and ultimately through accepting a job offer, Nelly was there to support, motivate, and inspire! Thankful to call him a friend and mentor. Cheers, Nelly!

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Brit Nell

Now: Certified Scrum Master & Software Analyst

Before: Physical Therapist

Nelly was fantastic at breaking down Javascript in a way that made sense. Instead of just lecturing the how-to, he gave us practical assignments that put all the elements into perspective and helped it all click. I know for a fact I was not the only one in my cohort that considered him the best teacher we had in our bootcamp!

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Roman Penn

Now: Software Engineer @Amazon

Before: US Marine Corps

Nelly, was probably the most engaging instructor I’ve ever had during my time in the software development industry. The way he taught and explained all the aspects of full stack web development showed he was both knowledgeable and passionate about what he was teaching and gave me a fire for this field in software development that I didn’t think I would ever have. I could not recommend him enough!!

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Luxi Meng

Now: Software Engineer @Amazon

Before: Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Specialist - US Army

Nelly is apparently not only great at but also passionate about teaching. He is meticulous in the way he breaks down knowledges and deliver at a pace that is suitable for even the newest of coders. He also cares a lot of about each one of us and not leaving anyone behind. His layback demeanor also make learning much more fun. I wish all teachers are like him!

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Henwin Cuffy

Now: Software Engineer Apprentice @Amazon

Before: US Marine Corps

Nelly is a phenomenal instructor! He was our HTML/CSS/JavaScript instructor. He made it a point to show how to solve problems rather than just giving us the answers. He was also very patient and so willing to walk you through any concept you didn’t understand using a real world analogy, painting a very clear picture of what is happening. He elevates anyone he teaches.

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Shannon Edgar

Now: Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer at Shannon Edgar Design

Before: Senior Graphic Designer @Page Design Group

Nelly taught my Full Stack Bootcamp at UC Davis. The instruction I received was superb, Nelly has a way of breaking down complex material into much simpler steps. His commitment to making sure each and every student understood the difficult material was remarkable, often meeting students in off time for private tutoring. Nelly approaches everything in life with passion and drive. I can't recommend him highly enough. Easily the most committed teacher I have ever had as well as a simply phenomenal human.

Jackson profile picture
Jackson Harris III

Now: Software Engineer @Niantic

Before: Worked in Marketing & Sales

Nelly is an accomplished mentor, developer, and teacher. He has been instrumental in my progression as a developer and the same can be said for many others. He's the kind of person you want as an instructor or a team mate. This is because Nelly has overcame more adversity than a large portion of students he will encounter. He has cultivated a well of patience that extends to students as well as colleagues. Although patient he is one of the hardest working people that I have encountered in any field. This is seen in his work, his teaching, and how he approaches life in general. I really can not say enough great things about Nelly. If you have the opportunity to work with Nelly in any capacity I would highly recommend it.

Michelle Jung profile picture
Michelle Jung

Now: Web Developer @Paratransit Inc

Before: Research Assistant @Ohio State University School of Communication

If you walk into a classroom and Nelly is your instructor, be aware that you're luckier than any person who has won the lottery!

Nelly has passion, heart, and a way of teaching that "doesn't make you feel [dumb]" (quoting from another student of his). He puts in every effort to ensure his students learn and understand both the front-end and back-end portions of full-stack development.

On several occasions, he met with me and my group (for many hours) for our projects to teach us how to use MySQL, Handlebars.js, React, rendering the proper code onto the page, and a refresh of how Git branches worked. He worked with me in my own project on using MongoDB, Mongoose, discussed plans and diagrams on how to approach React and Mongo on said project, and met with me several times on Zoom to code with me, remaining patient the entire time.

Not only can he teach, he develops his own apps, as well - along with coding an app featuring a card game from his home country, he also coded and promoted (ie, drove to multiple cities to test it) an app for pick-up basketball (which made me slightly more interested in the sport)!

It was an honor to be Nelly's student - I'm glad he took the leap and flew to California to teach the inaugural class of UC Davis Extension's Coding Boot Camp!

Thanks, Nelly! :D

Samekh Resh profile picture
Samekh Resh

Now: Software Development Engineer - Apperentice @Audible

Before: Worked in Media Production

It had been a while (like a couple of months) since I had picked up anything HTML/CSS/JS oriented to create a CRUD app and to be fair, I was a bit rusty. Nelly was able to not only draw that information out of me, but was able to even teach me something new (thank you breakpoints!).

The thing about Nelly, and his teaching styles, is that he truly wants you to get it. He doesn't want you to just be able to do what needs to be done, but to have finesse with it. To have a truly full and fleshed out understanding of the mechanics that are being used.

I've only had a few mentors (thank you Resilient Coders) who were able to uphold that level of instruction; a careful, well rounded and in-depth instruction that increases my foundation of learning and gives me new skills to jump from.

If you need a teacher for full-stack building apps, and maybe even some no-code; Nelly is the one for you.

Michael Mirkovic profile picture
Michael Mirkovic

Now: Software Engineer @Amazon

Before: Technology Consulting Associate @PwC

Having some knowledge in JS, html, and css didnt hurt me in Nelly's class. Even if I knew the cirriculm I always walked away learning one new thing. From breakpoints to just to little tricks of the trade. Nelly was sure to engage everyone and teach effectivly in a remote environment which is no small task. I would highly recommend nelly as an instructor or just someone to work with!

Kathy Le profile picture
Kathy Le

Now: Software Development Engineer @Audible

Before: Personal Trainer @Ethos Fitness + Performance

Nelly is very energetic and patient when teaching. He made learning JavaScript fun and simple. Highly recommended!

Ibrahim Gurhan profile picture
Ibrahim Gurhan

Now: Software Development Engineer - Apprentice @Audible

Before: University Parking Locations Supervisor @SP+

When it comes to tech training, Nelly is by far the best instructor I've encountered. Nelly's initial act was to establish a personal rapport with each and every one of the students. During our time together, we became quite close, and Nelly spoke to us as if he were one of us. Nelly's dedication to providing the best possible education was clear to anybody who met him. In addition to teaching me HTML, CSS, JS and REACT's foundations, Nelly also simplified a number of complex areas that I had previously found difficult. He was able to break down difficult concepts and explain them in novel ways that made it easier for us to understand them. To me, the most enjoyable component of Nelly's teaching technique comes from his energetic and positive demeanor. When he's in the room, there's never a dull moment. There's nobody I know more qualified to teach programming than Nelly.

Sterling Meriweather profile picture
Sterling Meriweather

Now: Software Engineer @Amazon Web Services

Before: Full Stack Developer @voto x voto

Nelly has been instrumental in my journey as a Software Engineer. His approach to teaching is like no other and pushes you beyond your comfort level, molding you into a seasoned engineer. I recommend Nelly for anyone wanting to advance themselves in the realm of programming.

Danny Manandhar profile picture
Danny Manandhar

Now: Software Development Engineer @Amazon

Before: Operations Supervisor - US Army

First of all, Nelly is a splendid instructor. Second, he is very patient with everyone. His motivation and guidance helped me keep my chin up and become better at coding. I cannot thank him enough for the support that he provided me during the coding bootcamp.

Anthony Johnson profile picture
Anthony Johnson

Now: Software Engineer @Amazon

Before: Software Engineer @Adyton PBC

While attending TLG, I had the pleasure of having Nelly as an instructor. Nellys ability to break down hard problems into bits of easily digestible knowledge drops in unparalleled. Nelly truly cares about making tech accessible to everyone, including people like me with zero technical background or formal education.

I’m very grateful for Nelly,

Thank you 🙏

Kelson Smith profile picture
Kelson Smith

Now: Software Development Engineer @Clear Channel Outdoor

Before: Director of Corportate IT @IT Devices, Inc

Nelly taught our HTML/CSS/JS portion of the TLG SDE apprentice cohort. He is patient, kind, deeply knowledgeable, and a wonderful instructor. He is equally at home covering basics in detail until everyone is on board, as well as diving deep into the bowels of something he is learning along with a student to figure out how to implement a new library. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Sarah Lichy profile picture
Sarah Lichy

Now: Software Development Engineer @Amazon

Before: IT System Admin - US Air Force

Nelly is a fantastic teacher that can implement different variations for your learning style to make sure that you get to your desired result and understand it completely. Everything we worked on and were taught were real world ways to become more efficient and proficient professionals, I went from 0 to dangerous with full stack because of him.

Samuel Holtzman profile picture
Samuel Holtzman

Now: Business Analyst @United Wholesale Morgage

Before: Ecology & Evolution Biology Research Assistant @University of Michigan

Going into the Northwestern bootcamp, I had little experience in coding. Nelly made every day interesting, fun, and filled with new concepts to learn. I looked forward coming in every day and learning material as well as getting to know Nelly. I have never met such a down to earth instructor, who was willing to go above and beyond to help every one of his students. It was a pleasure to be able to learn from Nelly, and I only hope that in the future I have to privilege to work with and learn from him again.

Lateef Raheem profile picture
Lateef Raheem
Former student

When I started going to the University of California Davis, Coding boot camp, I had no experience in coding. But, instructor Nelly, was very creative and his lectures every day were interesting, fun, and filled with new concepts to learn. I always looked forward going to class every day, to learn the material as well as to get to know him as person. I have never met such a wonderful instructor who was willing to go above and beyond to help every one of his students. He is a very knowledgeable developer both on the frontend and on the backend. His lectures have always been very informative. Nelly is one of the best instructor I have ever had. Thank you Nelly.

Nicholas Scherer profile picture
Nicholas Scherer

Now: Founding Engineer @Lucky

Before: Operations Manager 1st Lieutenant - US Army

'Nelly is awesome' was a very common phrase said by myself and my classmates while he was our instructor at TLG Learning. He leaves absolutely nobody behind and is able to keep various level students engaged at the same time. Furthermore, Nelly demonstrated his expert knowledge of web development technologies to include but not limited to: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, REST APIs, Bootstrap. I have developed my domain knowledge of software engineering, critical problem solving skills and exposure to new programming languages while I was a student of Nelly's. I fully endorse the decision to work or learn with Nelly in any Teaching or Software/Web Development environments and I endorse him even more as being a great person.

Clay Rawlins profile picture
Clay Rawlins

Now: Software Development Engineer @Amazon

Before: Full Stack Developer @voto x voto

Nelly blends the right balance of hard and soft skills for soliciting the best out of others. He is truly concerned with the personal and professional success of all—a consummate mentor—people both do and feel well after his coaching and instruction. Although our time together was brief, the impact and impression that Nelly left on myself and my peers during his instruction was truly meaningful.

His expertise in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React and app development is noteworthy. I do look forward to continue working with Nelly in the future.

Timothy Olowookere profile picture
Timothy Olowookere

Now: Software Development Engineer - Apprentice @Amazon

Before: Cyber Security Specialist @LND

The way Nelly simplified JavaScript, CSS and HTML within a short period of time was phenomenal. My team was able to build our first ever application within 4 weeks of learning from him. Nelly will tell you "give me your 100% and I'll double it for you" Thanks for laying a solid foundation for this junior Software Development Engineer!

Nico Cueva profile picture
Nico Cueva

Now: Cloud Enablement Principal @Slalom

Before: Private Client Financial Consultant @JP Morgan Chase

Nelly is everything you want in a teacher and mentor. He went above and beyond during my time studying at Northwestern to help me and others solidify their skills and learn new ones. He pushes you to be a better person in and outside of work. More people should know his story on how he got where he is today, and join him for the ride ahead.

Stephanie profile picture
Stephanie Mustari

Now: Owner @New Breed Athlete & Founder @Mufasa Media

Before: Held leadership roles in Programmatic Media @Havas

Nelly was my instructor at Northwestern University's Code bootcamp and I can't say enough good things!! Nelly is SO smart, talented, patient, kind and truly has the best interest of his students at heart. I learned so much being Nelly's student; he truly is one of the best! Nelly has inspired me and so many in countless ways. I highly recommend Nelly !

Benjamin Dally profile picture
Benjamin Dally

Now: Software Engineer III @Outside

Before: Teacher @Woodland High School

I am very happy to recommend Nelly as an instructor, coder, and person. Nelly is the kind of teacher that students hope to have. He comes to class every day with a boundless energy, infectious passion, and an engaging smile. Everyday, he puts the students first and foremost. In addition, he daily displayed his ability to code. He seemed to know that he had to keep working harder than the students to make sure they were best served, and that is just what he did. I have seen him work through React, Javascript, Node, HTML, CSS, Handlebars, Express, MySQL, MongoDB, and many others.

Falon profile picture
Falon Darville

Now: Software Engineer @Cisco

Before: Content writer at falondarville.com

I was one of Nelly's students. Nelly is an unrelenting powerhouse. I knew this from my first day in his class, when he recognized the tremendous empowerment my class was festering and birthing by signing up for this intensive 6 month coding program.

He walked in and assumed his position a true teacher, someone who goes beyond using words to explain concepts. He lights up when he's helping others. Nelly is a leader and his energy electrifies the air around him. Anyone who walks into the same room as him will know that he is making an impact beyond measure.

He brings more to the table than just knowledge. Nelly brings fiery determination to pull this world up by its bootstraps. He unrelentingly believes in his students and their futures. And I know this because he never failed to see us in our true potential.

Collin profile picture
Collin Goodale

Now: Senior Software Lead @Touch To

Before: Senior Account Manager @Breather

I was a student of Nelly's in July of 2018. He was a wonderful instructor and helped me realize my goal of becoming a full time web developer. The career he helped me launch has led me to become a tutor for the same organization he taught for. In one year I learned how to speak four different code languages, manage full-stack applications, build/deploy and run the continued cyber security and data viz for site performance. I've created an app that can deliver streaming video in less than 1 second to first render. None of this would have been possible if it weren't for Nelly's unique focus on problem solving and procedure. I've been very lucky to have such a positive influence in my career!

Haddassah profile picture
Haddassah Mendoza-Elias

Now: Web Development Teaching Assistant & Tutor @Trilogy Education Services

Before: Office & Events Coordinator

Nelly did not just teach me how to code, he opened an entire new world. I brought absolutely no coding experience to the table and was very unsure of how far I could go in this career path before I took his course. But not only did I learn React, Node, Express, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, RESTful APIs, MongoDB/Mongoose, SQL/Sequelize, MVC, Heroku Deployment, and Git-Github, but MOST IMPORTANTLY he taught me how to think and problem solve. But how did he do it?

Nelly led extra class sessions, reviews, and even one on one help to anyone who needed it. I was a successful student because I had a diligent instructor who not only would not let me fail, but not even imagine that anything less than success was a possibility.

On graduation day I knew that Nelly had fulfilled his promise to my class that anything we wanted to create, we could, no limitations! Not only did I learn, but I became so confident in my abilities and inspired at how coding can change people's lives, that I became a teaching assistant and one on one tutor for the course Nelly taught me. I love web development, I love clean code, I love problem-solving, all of which stem from a charismatic and compassionate instructor like Nelly. There is not a person who can walk away without being enriched after learning with him.

Peter profile picture
Peter Kohler

Now: Co-Founder @Prismatic

Before: Associate Quality Assurance Engineer @Medline Industries

When I think back to my time as a student in Nelly's Northwestern Full Stack Coding Bootcamp class, I think about how that class changed my life. I came into the class knowing a small amount of code and I am happy to say that I am now a software engineer for a Fortune 500 company. Nelly played a huge part in inspiring me to love software development and teach me the fundamentals I needed to know. Nelly is extremely technically skilled, but his true gift is his ability to teach. I have come to find that this is a rare skill in software development and I appreciate Nelly taking the to invest in each and every one of his students. It was truly a pleasure being in Nelly's class and if you have a similar goal of becoming a software developer, Nelly will do everything to help you reach that goal.

Vanessa profile picture
Vanessa Gómez
Former student

Nelly was my instructor and tutor in a full stack development Bootcamp. He went above and beyond to make sure that my peers and I grasped the concepts. Nelly is genuine, patient, and understanding. I feel so fortunate to have learned from him- his passion for teaching is inspiring.

Greg profile picture
Gregory DeYoung
Former student

Nelly is one of the most influential people I have ever met and it was a blessing to be able to work alongside him as I began my journey into software development. His amiable personality, comprehensive knowledge base, problem-solving ability, and willingness to assist are unparalleled. I wish him all the luck on his current and future endeavors.

Holly profile picture
Holly Zoba
Former tutee

Nelly was my tutor, and let's be honest, my lifesaver, when I decided to go back to school to learn coding when I was almost 50 years old! I was so fortunate to have found him because not only is he gifted at helping others learn to code, he is also completely inspiring. He loves to code and he loves to help others learn to code. It is impossible not to catch his enthusiasm for the craft.

I have to share one of many memorable stories of Nelly's commitment to learning. I had a project due the next day and he was helping me through some struggles I was having with my part. At some point we learned that my partner on the project had dropped the ball and I was determined to finish the entire project before the presentation. Nelly stayed on the video call with me ALL NIGHT! We finished at 5am. That shows a lot of commitment - but here is the really interesting part. The entire time we were working, he never just gave me the answers, he always made me learn. Even at 3am when I was said, oh come on, just tell me the answer!!! He would patiently suggest a different viewpoint or approach, and I would learn something new! I will be forever grateful for his wisdom and his encouragement. If you are on the fence about asking for help - talk to Nelly right away! You will be glad you did.

Shauna profile picture
Shauna Ono
Former student

I was fortunate enough to have Nelly as my instructor at the UC Davis coding bootcamp in Sacramento, California. His passion and dedication to teaching and his students is impressive to say the least. Nelly is an amazing teacher able to tailor his teaching strategies to each individual, and is very patient with a "you can do it" attitude. His optimism is catagious and makes you feel like you can succeed no matter what. He always went above and beyond what was required, including being available for questions or tutoring at any time day or night. I highly recommend Nelly to anyone wanting to learn coding to add to their skill set or as a career.

Yelena profile picture
Yelena Guliyeva
Former student

Nelly is a creative instructor with a knack for getting students to listen. He is such a good combination of a professional knowledgable developer and a humourous interesting teacher. His lectures have always been very informative and interesting and have never been boring. He is a great instructor and I've learned a lot! Nelly is probably one of the best if not maybe the best instructor I've ever had.

Eran profile picture
Eran Dromy

Now: Software Developer & Haptic Designer @Tanvas

Before: Freelance Graphic Designer

I consider myself lucky to have had Nelly Sugu as an instructor during my July 2018 Full Stack Web Development course at Northwestern University. Nelly has a true passion and talent for teaching. His optimism, attentiveness and innate curiosity make him a wonderful instructor who motivates his students to excel. On the human level, Nelly is an amazing person who cares for his students and their success, and I have found in him a true and inspiring friend.

Chris profile picture
Chris Grant

Now: Senior Project Manager @Digital Management, LLC

Before: Director of Project Management @Dimension Design

I walked into Northwestern University's Coding Boot Camp in 2018 with a certain mindset of what kind of experience I should be preparing myself for, what I aimed to get out of it, and what I expected the next 12 weeks of my life to approximate. Nelly was lucky enough to be the point person for me on this experience, and he was going to shape what I was able to learn in this accelerated time schedule, with very little experience into the development world that I was preparing for. Nelly is a great teacher, he fundamentally understands what he is trying to help you learn (and knows how to search for the answer when he doesn't know), and he has the problem solving skills to break apart an issue into discrete finite problems that can be solved one at a time. Those qualities are to be expected of a great teacher, but what made Nelly stand out from anyone else were the reasons he chose to stop and spend hours at a time helping you solve a single problem. Nelly was able to convince each and every one of us, that regardless of your experience, mindset, and attitude - everyone was teachable, and everyone could learn. The technical details come and go, and search engines go a long way - but teachers who leave behind moments are the ones worth trusting your time and effort to. Nelly is one of them (thank you, Nelly!).

Madhav profile picture
Madhav Parekh

Now: Applications Programmer @UC Davis

Before: Freelance Software Engineer

As an Instructor, Nelly has amazing ability to break down programming languages & concepts, computer technologies, and complex algorithms into easy to grasp instructions for entire class. I looked forward to attending each and every session and learning something new from him. Thank you Nelly.

Sherif Mahmoud profile picture
Sherif Mahmoud

Now: Software Consultant @ThoughtWorks

Before: Senior Software Engineer @ASSET Technology Group

Nelly is an amazing Instructor. I was his student for 3 months full time camp. I learned a lot from him. He's very knowledgeable. He had well thought deep answers to all of my questions and my classmates'. He is very patient and thorough when it comes to explaining complex material in a simplified way. He has a strong ability to keep his students engaged and interested in the material he teaches. It was very obvious he has a strong deep knowledge of the technologies he taught us and of the software development field in general. I worked closely with him during my projects and class work and could experience how talented he is. He has a very amiable presence and would be a great, valuable addition to any place/position he's in. I'm grateful to him for all the knowledge he gave me and the hours of help he offered me beyond his classroom responsibility. He showed the he sincerely cared about us and never left any of us no matter what was the level of help we needed.

Max profile picture
Maksym Galyliak

Now: Web Developer @Zennify

Before: Sales @Toyota

Nelly has a great ability to teach complex things in approachable manner. He explains not only new material, but also a way to study it. He is pleasure to work with and I really enjoyed being guided and mentored by him.

Daniel Feinstat profile picture
Daniel Feinstat

Now: Senior Software Engineer @eHealth, Inc

Before: College student

Nelly is a talented teacher and mentor. He has a gift for getting others excited about writing code and learning new technologies with his infectious positivity and curiosity. They say that to teach you have to truly master a skill, and Nelly is a skilled teacher of all things web development.

Andy Wood profile picture
Andy Wood

Now: Software Engineer @Audit Sight Inc.

Before: Genius Bar @Apple

Nelly was my instructor at Northwestern University's Coding Bootcamp, and I couldn't be more grateful for his mentorship and expertise. Nelly communicates clearly and effectively, and is passionate about the material as well as his students' success. Nelly will go above and beyond job requirements to support his students, whether it's skipping lunch to work through a problem you're having, or helping you via slack late at night.

Joe profile picture
Joseph Lee
Senior Software Engineer @BitSight, former co-worker @Wayfair

Nelly is one of the most amicable and inspiring, which are some traits of what great instructors need to have, people I have ever met. His strong technical background with his outstanding communication skills make the most complexed software development ideas and methodologies seem simple and fathomable.

I was very interested in Full Stack development and did not know where to start. Not only did Nelly gave me an abundance of resources and directions to get started, but also demonstrated creating a web app along with explanations, and he made it seem very easy! His interactive and humorous teaching methodologies really capture people’s interests and attentions.

Therefore, I am very confident that Nelly will be a successful engineer, instructor and mentor with his robust technical, communication and teaching skills along with his cordial personality.

Jonathon Hinchley profile picture
Jonathon Hinchley
Software Engineer 2 @CarMax, former co-worker

Nelly is one of the best leaders I have had the pleasure of working for. He is passionate about impacting lives (happy to say I've impacted 35 students through his mentoring) is so inspiring to me. When I first read his story on LinkedIn I knew I wanted the chance to work with him.

Nelly really exemplifies the qualities of servant leadership where everything he does is meant to enable the people that work in his teams. I don't really feel like I'm working for Nelly but that we are working on a team that aligns with his vision. Nelly constantly practices a growth mindset and enables instructors and students alike through being open to new ideas and processes.

Stan Crump profile picture
Stan Crump
Software Engineer 2 @CarMax, former co-worker

I met Nelly a little less than a year ago. He is so energized about life. He seeks accomplishments, not only for himself but for those around him. He sincerely cares about other people and spends his energy building successes.

Considering that he is from a country where computers are something others have, he has built a technology (and education) career that surpasses the vast majority of the people I know and work with that grew up around technology. His success comes from the work he's put into learning and sharing with others. He is an living example of "you can do anything you put your mind to". He has encouraged me to tackle a new career teaching software development at the college level. My new career comes from Nelly's encouragement and passion for helping others be the best they can be.

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Michael Doherty
Full Stack Developer & Educator, former co-worker

I had the pleasure of working in a support role for Nelly during his time at Northwestern Coding boot camp. Nelly had an amazing ability to engage and energize students. His passion and enthusiasm for code, teaching, and life was absolutely contagious. Nelly played a big part in inspiring me to pursue my own career in teaching. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him!

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Leo Qiu
Co-Founder @ Foodnome, former co-worker

I taught under Nelly in a Coding Bootcamp for 6 months, and I would say Nelly has the rare talent that glues the entire classroom of students together and pushes them forward. He did not leave any student behind. He was a great teacher and true leader, and any team would be lucky to have him.

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Treighton Mauldin
Senior Software Engineer @Pantheon Platform, former co-worker

Of all the wonderful things I could say about Nelly, I will only say that he was 100% devoted to his role as Instructor, and he took to performing his duty of not just lecturing but also ensuring that students truly grasped the complex concepts he was teaching. Nelly is an amazing teacher, and an even better leader.

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Jordan Carlile
Software Engineer @Landis, former co-worker

Nelly not only has strong technical abilities but is more importantly a motivator. He is a very strong and effective communicator. This gives him the ability to benefit teams and large groups. I believe that Nelly is best placed in leadership roles where his skills as a motivator will be most effective. Nelly is very ready to share stories of his past experiences and provides details and insights that many others are too shy to share. This level of transparency and authenticity really helps show individuals that they truly do have something to bring to the table and urges them to do so. Nelly’s versatility makes him a great addition to a variety of teams. I am excited to see what he does next!

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Ryan Canty
Cloud Security Engineer @Confidential, former classmate

Nelly is a very enthusiastic and passionate individual. When he is given a task he does everything it takes to go above and beyond the requirements. I worked with him on our senior capstone project and he has been one of my great friends ever since. I would recommend anyone to have Nelly on their team because his dedication, eagerness and innovation would benefit any project.